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JDEM related PowerPoint Presentations

Presentation Related Resources Presenter Download
Dark Universe II   Lynn Cominsky PPT (1.6MB)
Just What is a Supernova? video 1 (lightbulb) video 2 (supernova) video 3 (black hole) Lynn Cominsky PPT (0.6MB)
After the Big Bang video (cobe2wmap.avi) Lynn Cominsky PPT (2.7MB)
Dark Energy and How to Find It   Stuart Mufson PPT (3.5MB)
New Eyes on the Expanding Universe   Natalie Roe PPT (42.6MB)
Hidden Dimensions, Warped Gravity, and Dark Energy   Eric Linder PPT (3.3MB)
The History and Fate of the Universe   Eric Linder PPT (6.0MB)
Seeing Darkness: The New Cosmology   Eric Linder PPT (4.6MB)
Last updated: 04/30/2009